chipmunk posing in the backyard - summer 2011

The Moon and Monona Terrace

Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace in Madison is so wonderfully photogenic. The cold sunset made the colors so vibrant.  My wife waited in the car as I rushed around on a full moon eve.

November Fern

This fern in Middleton was taking advantage of late autumn sunshine. Although low to the ground, it seemed it was reaching to the heights of heaven. 


Finally South

A third of January 2012 passed and the geese finally began to fly south in earnest.  Taken at Graber Pond park in Middleton, Wisconsin. In the week that followed, the cold and snow we are accustomed to in Wisconsin arrived. It will be a short winter nonetheless. - JBP

Love Floats in the Capitol Dome

A single heart balloon left over from spreading the love. Daily protesters of Wisconsin Government decisions in 2011 brought heart balloons to share their good intent.  One stayed for these photos.  - JBP

Ten Years - Pilgrim's Progress: Wisconsin's Sacred Sites

Pilgrim's progress: Wisconsin's sacred spaces, pp. 25-32
8 page article with full color photographs
Wisconsin Academy review - Volume 47, Number 3 (Summer 2001)

This was an article about our book Sacred Sites of Wisconsin - ten years old!
The article is now available online with the beautiful full color phots and an excellent article by Teresa Paprock. The book is still available - if interested, email us:


Capitol in February 2011

Of course, February 2011 has made Wisconsin's capitol world renown for non-violent demonstration that occupied the building for over two weeks.  These pictures were taken during the first week. 
People were inside and on the other side of the square, which allowed for these shots.
 There were thousands inside.  More than I have ever seen in the capitol before. 
Even the dome was occupied.  The white paper sign in the dome says "Kill the Bill."  

Lights of Winter

Lights of Winter in Madison and Middleton.  All from the winter of 2010-2011.
Used a couple of different cameras. 


Wisconsin Capitol - December 2010

December 6, 2010
The "Holiday Tree" and Hannukah Menorah are part of Capitol in December.
Photos and collage by JBP
(Nikon D40 digital SLR)


First Flowers

April 2010 - Middleton, Wisconsin
by John-Brian Paprock
Nikon D40 camera

Fall at Indian Lake

October 2009 - Indian Lake, Dane County, Wisconsin
 by John-Brian Paprock
Nikon D40 camera